We’ve compiled a list of answers to the common questions asked of us about BYOD.  

When will I receive my order?

We hold local stock of some models but not all.  The devices offered are generally available within 5 working days from receipt of order.  We will however, upon receipt of your order, give you an immediate ETA.

Can’t I just buy a device from my local Retail store?

Yes you can. However, models available from your local retail store will most often be a consumer model.  This means that it is not built for the rigours of student use and will also only carry a 12 month return to depot warranty.  This can mean weeks or longer to get your device back should you need to claim warranty.   All the devices on our BYOD portal are designed specifically for the education or commercial environment.  The base warranty is also a 3 year onsite warranty which means that the technician comes to the school.

What are my payment options?

Our portal accepts MasterCard and Visa via a secure payment gateway (SecurePay).  We also offer a FlexiRent model.  If you wish, you can also pay by direct deposit. 

Who do I contact if I need to claim warranty?

In the event of a warranty claim please contact Aliva directly.  We will immediately log your warranty claim with the vendor and track its progress. This way, you won’t need to navigate the Vendor’s support centre ……… we’ll just make life easier.

How long does it take to repair a warranty claim?

All our student devices come with 3 year Next business day response – On-site warranty.  Typically, once a claim is logged, a support person will respond within 24-48 hours and if needed, an on-site technician will be despatched ASAP.

What accessories do you recommend?

In our experience, we have found that the most common and useful accessories purchased by customers are…

·         Bags – To physically protect the device

·         Wireless mouse – Not everyone likes to use a touchpad

·         Antivirus Software – A necessity on any internet capable device.

·         USB drive – For backup important data such as assignments and homework.

·         All of these items are available on our portal.

Please note that you school will be able to advise on your other software requirements such as MS Office or Adobe products.